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Registers a new reviewer.


1 table data

the data to register.


local legitReviews = {} = "legit_reviews"
legitReviews.icon = "reviewer_legit_reviews"
legitReviews.display = _T("LEGIT_REVIEWS", "Legit Reviews")
legitReviews.description = {
	{text = _T("LEGIT_REVIEWS_DESC1", "We review games. No bull, real talk."), font = "bh22"},
	{text = _T("LEGIT_REVIEWS_DESC2", "This community has been around for a long time. It has a formidable reputation of being transparent in their reviews and sponsorships, as well as providing unbiased information on games.
Unfortunately, the fanbase, while loyal, is not very large."), font = "pix18"}
legitReviews.maxInterviewChance = 90
legitReviews.bribeAcceptChance = 5
legitReviews.bribeAcceptChanceIncreaseFromMoney = 5 -- the chance to accept a bribe will increase by this much if we're offering the max bribe amount

legitReviews.bribeRevealChance = 15
legitReviews.bribeRevealChanceMonthly = legitReviews.bribeRevealChance / 15 -- multiplied by amount of rivals that are active, per each month that a bribe "reveal" of another company will happen

legitReviews.pointPerCashAmount = bribeData.maximumBribe / 4
legitReviews.interviewBaseAcceptChance = 50 -- the lowest the accept chance can go down to (what it starts out at)

legitReviews.interviewReputationCutoff = 5000 -- when the player's reputation is higher than this, the chance that the reviewer will accept his invite will begin increasing

legitReviews.interviewAcceptChancePerReputation = 1 / 100 -- accept chance increases by this much per each rep point

legitReviews.popularity = 0.3 -- the multiplier for converting score to reptuation points in an interview when this particular reviewer is interviewing you, also used as an overall popularity value of this reviewer

legitReviews.autoInterviewChanceMultiplier = 0.5 -- the chance multiplier for auto-add interviews 

legitReviews.recentReviewTimeCutoff = 60 -- when the previous interview happened less than this many days ago, we will get an auto-add interview chance increase

legitReviews.recentInterviewTimeAffector = 0.2 -- when another interview happened recently we will add a chance per this many days above the "cutoff"

legitReviews.inquireText = _T("LEGIT_REVIEWS_INQUIRE", "Like their name suggests, they make unbiased reviews. I have heard some stories of them taking a bribe or two, but offering them any kind of bribe is a bad idea. Best case scenario - they'll refuse your bribe offer; worst case scenario - they'll make it known to everyone and your reputation will suffer real hard. I doubt you'll be able to sway their opinion that much by offering a fat wad of cash either.")