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Returns an amount of + signs (or -) depending on how far currentValue is from baseValue.


1 number baseValue

the base value where the color is neutral and no signs are returned.

2 number currentValue

the current value. if currentValue is greater than 1, we invert the + and - signs

3 number signSection

the section of a single sign. Can be a table. If it is a table, then we assume the first value is for when currentValue is above the baseValue, and the 2nd value is for when it's below it.

4 number maxSigns

the maximum amount of signs we can display.

5 color positiveColor

the color to use when the value is 'positive'.

6 color negativeColor

the color to use when the value is 'negative'

7 bool skipSignInversion

skip the sign inversion as explained in currentValue.


1 string

the resulting sign string.

2 color

the color object to use with the text.

3 number

amount of repetitions of the string.