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This library handles environmental effects. Currently it only has rain as an environmental effect.



durationRange ({180, 360})

min max, in game days.

rainDropletColor (color(132, 132, 132, 100))

the color of a rain droplet.

fadeOutSpeed (0.05)

how fast the rain fades out.

fadeInSpeed (0.066666666)

how fast the rain fades in.

minIntensity (0.25)

the lowest rain intensity might be at.

maxIntensity (1)

the maximum rain intensity.

rainChance (3)

chance that rain will start every week.

rainCooldown ({300, 600})

how long to wait until the next rain after it has stopped.

lightningIntensity (0.8)

how intense the rain must be for there to be lightning.

lightningChance (60)

the chance that there will be lighting.

lightnings ({10, 15})

min max, amount of lightning strikes to show in a single rain session.

lightningSoundDelay ({0.5, 1})

min max, delay the lightning sound by this much time.

lightningLightLevel (180)

set the light level to this value when lightning strikes.

maxDroplets (500)

maximum amount of droplets at once.

dropletsPerSecond (240)

how many droplets we can create at max intensity per second.

dropletEdge (200)

how many pixels off-screen can we create the droplets at (so that we don't see a whole lotta nothing if we scroll).

rainDropSpeed (800)

how quick do rain droplets fall (in pixels).

lightLevelDrop (120)

how much the light level drops at max intensity.

darknessFromLightLevel (50)

how much RGB value do we lose from the light level.

wetnessGain (0.008333333)

at max intensity we gain this much wetness per in-game day.

wetnessDrop (0.05)

per each new day when it's not raining we lose this much wetness.

maxSplashes (400)

the maximum amount of rain splash water effects that there can be at once.



fired when a weather event starts.


fired when a weather event ends.