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Registers a new task type. This is a rather complex topic and explaining everything in here (and in the taskTypeData class documentation) would require a lot of text, so please look around the game files to get an understanding of how things work.


1 table data

the data to register.

2 string nameDescInheritance

the ID of another task type data to inherit the name and description of. Optional.

3 string classInheritance

the ID of another task type data to inherit. Optional.


local realisticGraphics = {} = "realistic_graphics" -- the ID of the task

realisticGraphics.optionCategory = "graphics_type" -- the option category (if other tasks match this variable value, then you will only be able to select 1 task out of all available ones with the same optionCategory value)

realisticGraphics.mmoContent = 2 -- the amount of MMO content this task adds

realisticGraphics.category = "game_graphics" -- the category of this task (this is used for UI)

realisticGraphics.multipleEmployees = true -- whether this task can receive an increase in progress from multiple employees

realisticGraphics.platformWorkAffector = 0.1 -- how much extra work will every selected platform add (workAmount * (1 + thisValue))

realisticGraphics.taskID = "game_task" -- the task class to use for this task type data

realisticGraphics.display = _T("REALISTIC_GRAPHICS", "Realistic graphics") -- the name

realisticGraphics.workAmount = 100 -- the work amount points

realisticGraphics.gameQuality = {graphics = 50} -- how much quality to add upon completion of this task (independent of skill levels)

realisticGraphics.workField = "graphics" -- the related skill to this task

realisticGraphics.qualityContribution = "graphics" -- which quality type employees contribute to by their skills alone

realisticGraphics.issues = {"p2"} -- the types of issues this task can have

realisticGraphics.stage = 2 -- which stage of the game project this task should be positioned in?

realisticGraphics.optionalForStandard = false -- if true, then when calculating the review standard for each year, this task will be mandatory for the standard quality level

realisticGraphics.specBoost = {id = "organic_art", boost = 1.15} -- development speed boost from a specialization of an employee

realisticGraphics.directKnowledgeContribution = {
	knowledge = "photography",
	multiplier = 0.0005
} -- how much quality points is derived per each point of knowledge in that specific topic